3 freelance editors worth every red cent

Last Updated on August 21, 2020

When you aren’t assigned an editor by a publishing house, parsing through and selecting the right freelance editor for you can be incredibly difficult. Some editors are qualified, some are not; some have swish marketing and flashy websites but aren’t great, while others have terrible looking websites (or none at all) but are worth their weight in gold; how are you supposed to tell who is going to bring your work up another level, and who is going to be a waste of money and time?

While I don’t know every editor on the planet, and I do not claim that if an editor is not on my list that they are committing some great evil stealing your money (let’s be VERY clear about that), but what I CAN do is recommend some editors based upon their work for me and work for people I know and trust (who have put out a quality work on the other end).

Mike Myers – https://www.sffeditor.com/

Mike is the copy editor at GdM. The polished quality of the stories and articles we put out is due to him, not me. He edited the Stabby Award Winning Evil is a Matter of Perspective, the cyberpunk collection Neon Leviathanand almost every issue of Grimdark Magazine. He is a big part of the reason GdM was shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award.

One of the things I like about Mike is that, like me, he knows what he is good at. He’s not an author with an editorial side hustle–he is an editor. This is his jam. Mike has a BA in British literature from Brown University, an MA in British and American literature from California State, an MS in English language arts education from Long Island University, and an MBA from University of South Florida.

AJ Spedding – https://www.phoenixeditingandproofreading.com/

AJ is the owner of Phoenix Editing, editor-in-chief at Cohesion Press, and pitch consultant for Blur Studios. Amanda has worked on stories from Cohesion’s SNAFU series that were optioned for the Emmy award-winning animated Netflix series Love, Death & Robots, spearheaded by Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) and David Fincher (Mindhunter, Fight Club, Seven).

Like with Mike, AJ is highly qualified to make sure your work shines. She has a Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing) and a Cert. IV Editing.

Sarah Chorn – https://www.bookwormblues.net/

Sarah comes highly recommended by a range of self and traditionally published authors in the dark and grimdark SFF community. She’s worked on three books by GdM fan-favourite Michael R. Fletcher (who, having worked in both traditional and self publishing is a great litmus test for professional editors vs. freelancers), edited SPFBO finalists such as Blood of Heirs, and is a trusted member of the SFF author community.

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