6 shows coming in 2019/20 for fans of darker stories

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

With San Diego ComicCon 2019 wrapped, we think there is a season of TV (or six!) that fans of dark / grimdark / noir SFF should be excited about in the coming twelve months. While not all announced at ComicCon, it’s always this time of year that most of the fun stuff gets announced and we get the clearest picture of what’s on the horizon. Here we go!

The Expanse S4

Having finished the book I think season 4 of The Expanse is based upon a mere month or two back, I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get back in with the crew of the Roci as they make planetfall for the first time. The Expanse Season 4 drops on Amazon Prime December 13.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

New to The Expanse? catch up, quick! Click here.

The Witcher S1

Let’s be honest, The Witcher is the television series we are all waiting for. Based on the book, and not the video game, this is going to be: potentially the most epic series to drop in 2020; as divisive as a season of Game of Thrones; and, also, potentially the biggest flop of the year. The Witcher Season One will drop later in 2019 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

Watchmen S1

My experience with Watchmen is restricted to the movie, which was a bloody excellent flick (hides from comic fans). Massively under appreciated, in my opinion. I hadn’t heard this was on the way (I live under a rock in Australia), so was really happy to see this world getting on the silver screen once more. Watchmen drops in October 2019 from HBO.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

Snowpiercer S1

2014’s Snowpiercer featured one of the brutal fight scenes I’ve ever seen. I went in honestly not expecting much and was planted on the edge of my seat two hours later. While I’m often the first to question the value of re-doing old movies (FFS, can somebody just produce The Blade Itself or Prince of Thorns already!!!???) I have to admit I’ll be binging Netflix’s Snowpiercer when it drops in 2020.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

His Dark Materials S1

This one I know the least about. I saw it touted somewhere as potentially being the next Game of Thrones. For me, that’s like presenting a young sprinter as the next Usain Bolt, but we’ll see how His Dark Materials goes when HBO releases it towards the end of 2019.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

Altered Carbon S2

I reckon my work desk rose a few inches when I saw Netflix’s trailer for Altered Carbon Season 2. The show hit the nail on the head, for me, on what’s possible when it comes to trying to be faithful to a book while converting the format. Let’s hope Netflix builds on what it achieved in Season 1 when Altered Carbon Season 2 drops in February 2020.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here

Catch up Season 1.

Plenty of good stuff to look forward to.

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