About Us

Grimdark Magazine a 2016 Stabby award winning, 2018 BSFA nominated, and 2021 Aurealis winning publisher run by people who love the grimdark SFF. Things like the Horus Heresy and the First Law series are what get our hearts hammering with excitement. There is such a wealth of talent in the sub-genre and a genuine need for an ezine that deals specifically in the grittier nature of people in futuristic or fantasy settings that we felt compelled to get this ezine up and running.


Our mission

We aim to be:

  • trusted to provide the best in grimdark fantasy and science-fiction to our subscribers
  • trusted to provide fair and equitable terms and payment to our contributors
  • a profitable pro-paying market for subscribers, authors and artists.


The Team

GdM’s team is made up of a group fantastic grimdark enthusiasts with a plethora of random talents. GdM is split into two teams: the issue production team who bring you bring you Grimdark Magazine and our anthologies, and the review / article / interview team who create tonnes of great online content and conversation.


Production team

Adrian Collins, Mike Myers, Tom Smith, Carlos Diaz.


Online team

Durand Welsh, Shawn Mansouri, Matt Cropley, Joe Price, Levi Ergott, James Tivendale, Timy Takacs, Chris Haught, Nate Aubin, Edward Gwynne, Dann Lewis, Holly Adams.


Grimdark Alumni

Those who have volunteered their time, efforts and skills to Grimdark Magazine: Kyle Massa, Layla Cummins, Rob Matheny, Sean Grigsby, Kristy Mika, Jeff Suwak, Jewel Elise, Cheresse Burke, Jason Deem, Joey To.


In Memory of…

Kennet Gencks Kennet Gencks
First ReaderFifty, opinionated, Episcopalian. An avid reader, Kennet has been devouring books since childhood, with a special love for Fantasy, SF and Horror. Kennet is a cat person, just one cat away from being a Crazy Cat Man. He’s also a gamer, RPGs and MMORPGS being special passions. Kennet passed away on November 5th, 2015. We’ll never forget you, mate.