About Us

Grimdark Magazine is run by people who love the grimdark direction that science fiction and fantasy seems to be taking. Things like the Horus Heresy and the First Law series are what get our hearts hammering with excitement. There is such a wealth of talent in the sub-genre and a genuine need for an ezine that deals specifically in the grittier nature of people in futuristic or fantasy settings that we felt compelled to get this ezine up and running.

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We aim to be:

  • trusted to provide the best in grimdark fantasy and science-fiction to our subscribers
  • trusted to provide fair and equitable terms and payment to our contributors
  • a profitable pro-paying market for subscribers, authors and artists.


The Team

GdM’s team is made up of a group fantastic grimdark enthusiasts with a plethora of random talents.

Durand Welsh Durand Welsh
First ReaderDurand Welsh lives in Sydney, Australia, where he’ll read anything with a spaceship or a sword on the front cover. He always enjoys a good action-filled romp, and given his gimpy knee and lack of private healthcare, it’s probably best for everyone that these only occur in his imagination. His dream is to one day grow a beard, preferably his own.


Shawn Mansouri S.H. Mansouri
First ReaderShawn Mansouri is a research technician in the fight against mosquito-borne disease. When he’s not wrangling mosquitoes and bedbugs and mice, he reads and writes speculative fiction from a bamboo-encased bungalow riddled with arrows, ninja stars and rejection slips. He’s a huge fan of Grimdark Magazine and the Grim Tidings Podcast. “If you can put me in someone else’s shoes, and make me see the world in a different light, I’m sold.” He lives in sunny — much too sunny — California with the love of his life Cymphonee.


Matthew Cropley Matthew Cropley
First ReaderMatthew Cropley is a highly commended playwright, short story writer, interactive game writer, reviewer and fantasy author. His short story, Seeking the Great Current, co-authored with #1 New York Times bestseller Sean Williams, will be published in 2018 in US Journal/anthology/collection Daily Science Fiction. His other short fiction has been published in Dimension6 and Sword and Sorcery Magazine.

His debut stage work, Linger, which he also directed, premiered at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival to positive critical and commercial acclaim. His next play, Shivered, will be performed in the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival. He also writes and reviews for Grimdark Magazine and bestfantasybooks.com. He has also recently received three Honourable Mentions in the international Writers of the Future Contest. Matthew is the Program Coordinator for the South Australian Writers Centre and is writing his third novel.



Jewel Eliese Jewel Eliese
First ReaderJewel lives in a tiny tourist town in the coldest state of the U.S. To stay warm, she spends her days chasing after her little boy. You will find her curled up on the couch with salty snacks, reading a good book, or writing a short story in her spare time. When cartoons aren’t on, shows like Game of Thrones dominate her television.

She can be found at http://writeawaymommy.com/.


Joey To Joey To
First Reader & Online Article EditorJoey was born in Hong Kong but nicked off to Australia and was very relieved to find primary schools here did not have exams. Nevertheless, school had put him off of reading and writing although he was always the creative type, mostly into visual arts. At the realization that the world was unaccommodating to those who aspired to an artistic vocation, he resigned with spiteful bitterness to do something else. And if it weren’t for religion, his life may have turned out like some grimdark story: lots of blood, excessive yelling, get himself dead unnecessarily etc. Instead, he’s just a jerk who never gave up on spanking his inner creative-child and did eventually develop a penchant for writing.

You can find his short fiction at Needle In The Hay, 50-Word Stories, Aphelion and Perihelion. He is an illustrator for The Story Shack. You can also find his stuff on his website at www.joeytoey.com and then abuse him.


Cheresse Burke Cheresse Burke
Second ReaderCheresse decided that she would be a writer when she was six. Somehow the following twenty years did not disabuse her of this notion. Though she was born in the U.S., she moved to Europe when she was eighteen and has not yet felt the call to return. Currently, she lives in Copenhagen and gives tours of the city when she’s not writing.



Joe Price Joe Price
Article WriterJoe is a writer, reader, and gamer, often found bouncing between one of these golden pastimes when not in class studying in the hopes of becoming a professional writer. Most Fridays, he can be found as Ulrick the Grizzly Bear Bard in a thrilling adventure where every bluff check has the added line of “I am not a bear”. He is most at home with a good book in his hands and a glass of brandy or good beer. He was introduced to grimdark fiction by Brent Weeks’s The Night Angel Trilogy and, honestly, has only hunted for darker works ever sense.
Levi Ergot
Patreon Community ContributorA dedicated introvert, Levi has been locking himself away with books for most of his life. The childhood stories of whimsy and wonder have given way to more grown-up stories of adventure tinged with gritty realism. You can find him at www.epiclevi.com.



Tom Smith Tom Smith
Contributor Relations SpecialistTom Smith is a 40-something with three sons who lives in the San Francisco bay area. A lifelong geek, he writes a little and beta reads for a couple of fantasy authors in his spare time. He spends his days running a busy Radiology department and works in a CT scanner part time. He also trains intensely in the martial arts, teaching Tae Kwon Do to underprivileged youth in his limited off-time. When not paying the bills he reads voraciously (the darker the better) and despite how it appears from this bio he does not in fact have ADD. He just likes to stay busy.His grimdark influences include Steven Erikson, Mark Lawrence and Joe Abercrombie. Most recently he has enjoyed the works of John Gwynne, Michael Fletcher and James A. Moore. Older fantasy influences include Fritz Leiber, Terry Brooks, Dennis L. McKiernan and R.A. Salvatore.

Tom can be reached on the GdM Facebook page which he hijacks from time to time.


Mike Myers Mike Myers
Senior EditorMike Myers is a tired, old curmudgeon. He currently lives with his wife, daughter, and mongrel in the woods among the Northmen. Somewhat eccentric in his beliefs, Mike thinks Gene Wolfe is god and the Book of the New Sun should supersede the Bible in Western culture. He also enjoys drinking craft beer, reading, writing, and drinking more craft beer.


Adrian Collins Adrian Collins
Founder & Editor-in-ChiefAdrian is an obsessive writer and reader. Beyond this, he’s also a lover of scotch, beer, cricket, rugby, and surfing. Tolkein’s The Hobbit began his fantasy addiction and Gemmell’s Rigante series honed the addiction into the world of grey characters. Abercrombie’s The Heroes gave that addiction a sharp grimdark edge.


Grimdark Alumni

Those who have volunteered their time, efforts and skills to Grimdark Magazine.

Kyle Massa Kyle Massa
First ReaderKyle Anthony Massa is an avid writer of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and anything in between. When he isn’t writing, he’s reading. When he isn’t reading, he enjoys playing music, watching sports, and running. He hopes to become a professional writer in the future; he’ll sell his books to himself if he has to.Kyle currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado.Check out his Twitter page, @kylemassa, or his neat little blog at kyleanthonymassa.wordpress.com.


Layla Cummins Layla Cummins
Second ReaderLayla the author exists on a diet of milk and sugary snacks in a small window of time somewhere between 2 am to 5 am. She believes that the more unsociable the hour, the darker a story will turn out. She’s also convinced that the city of Bristol, England, is lucky to have her.Her stories have appeared in 100 Doors to Madness, The Saturday Evening Post and Bugs, an upcoming anthology from Great Old Ones Publishing.As well as currently re-reading The Ice and Fire series, Layla has also ordered a copy of Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora on multiple recommendations and is nursing a sickly bonsai tree back to health.

She can be found on Twitter @laylacummins.


Rob Matheny Rob Matheny
First ReaderBorn and raised in Portland, Oregon, Rob is a happy husband and proud father of five children. During the daytime Rob works as a creative services director for an ad agency serving non-profits, but during the night he’s a blogger, artist, musician, gamer, aspiring writer and geek culture enthusiast.
Sean Grigsby Sean Grigsby
Article WriterTraditionally published author Sean Grigsby has been working in the shadows since 2008. His work has appeared in many print anthologies, as well as a popular creepypasta on YouTube. He is a monthly contributor to the blog YAtopia and former associate editor for Dark Recesses Magazine. Sean calls Memphis, TN his hometown and is a proud graduate of Germantown High School. He now lives in central Arkansas where he is a professional firefighter/EMT and battles his wife and toddler for writing time.
Kristy Mika Kristy Mika
First ReaderKristy is a hoarder of words, cats, RPG characters, TCGs, musical instruments and bacon (not necessarily in that order of importance). She blames growing up beside the beach Mad Max was filmed at, for all her eccentric behaviours.After years of scientifically delving into people’s brains and recording the strangeness they produce, she decided immersing herself in fantasy fiction was the safer route to staying grounded in reality.After a few years of pushing about words like Hippogryph instead of Hypothalamus, Kristy may now believe Cybernetic Unicorns are real; but at least she’s still sane. Mostly. She makes weird squawkings about books @ Book Frivolity.
Jeff Suwak Jeff Suwak
Article WriterJeff has distinctly Hobbit-like feet covered in lush, luxurious coats of hair—a sure sign that his life was destined from the start to be intertwined with the fantasy genre. He couldn’t have escaped it if he tried. He abhors children and pets of all kinds. He has a crass, unpleasant sense of humor and has been described as both “deplorable” and “maniacal,” by others as well as by himself.

Jeff is also a writer. Sometimes he gets lucky and his stuff turns out pretty good. His material can be accessed at www.beyondthetempestgate.com. There are also some free publications floating around the net. He is also a regular contributor to Song Facts at http://www.songfacts.com/blog/author-Jeff_Suwak/.


In Memory of…

Kennet Gencks Kennet Gencks
First ReaderFifty, opinionated, Episcopalian. An avid reader, Kennet has been devouring books since childhood, with a special love for Fantasy, SF and Horror. Kennet is a cat person, just one cat away from being a Crazy Cat Man. He’s also a gamer, RPGs and MMORPGS being special passions.Kennet passed away on November 5th, 2015. We’ll never forget you, mate.


Thanks (by Adrian)

I’d like to personally thank the following people for giving me their free time, their expertise, and their friendship. Without you, Grimdark Magazine would be a much poorer shadow of its current self.

  • Cheresse, Layla and Kyle: For jumping aboard a ship before knowing if it was going to float or not.
  • Adam Harrigan: For an eye-opening afternoon spent turning a long-held dream into an actual business plan over a few beers. For the late nights spent on skype trying to help me set up the first website and hosting after working 16-hour shifts at your new cafe. For being a good mate for a long time.
  • Nora Collins: For designing Grimdark Magazine’s logo when I’d frustrated myself into a logo-less corner. For coming to the rescue on Grimdark Magazine’s first issue when we were left cover-less by unfortunate circumstances. For being Super-mum.
  • Neil Clarke and Doug Lance: For your tips during my first foray into the publishing world.
  • Oliver Garas: For putting in so much effort to help turn my second effort at a website into something worthy of the lofty hopes we have for this magazine. For your ongoing tutoring on marketing and small business acumen.
  • Fiona: For loving me for who I am, despite my many, many faults.