An Interview With John Gwynne

the shadow of the gods

If you are a lover of fantasy, you will have come across John’s tomes. He is the author of the David Gemmell Morningstar awarded novel Malice which kicked off The Faithful and the Fallen series. Another series you might have seen, Of Blood and Bone, is set 100 years after the concluding events of The Faithful and the Fallen. Now he has released his new series with a new world, The Bloodsworn Saga with the first book out this month, The Shadow of the Gods.

We are very lucky to have John sitting down with us for a chat about his writing and life.

GdM: You were born in Singapore and moved around a lot due to your father being in the RAF. Has your semi-nomadic lifestyle affected the way you write and approach story creation?

Hi Grimdark Magazine, and thanks so much for the invite, it’s wonderful to be here.