An Interview with Patrick Rothfuss – Part 3

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Last Updated on February 11, 2024

We are delighted to release the third and final installment of Grimdark Magazine’s exclusive three-hour interview with Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicle, including the bestselling novels The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. Patrick Rothfuss’s latest entry in the Kingkiller Chronicle, The Narrow Road Between Desires, was released on November 14, 2023.

In this final part of the interview, Beth Tabler and John Mauro talk candidly with Patrick Rothfuss about mental health issues and the  double-edged sword of perfectionism. Pat opens up for a raw and emotional discussion about recognizing and overcoming mental health struggles.

In case you missed them, the first part of our interview can be found here and the second part is available here.

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John Mauro

John Mauro

John Mauro lives in a world of glass amongst the hills of central Pennsylvania. When not indulging in his passion for literature or enjoying time with family, John is training the next generation of materials scientists at Penn State University, where he teaches glass science and materials kinetics. John also loves cooking international cuisine and kayaking the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

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