An interview with Robert V. S. Redick


Author Robert V.S. Redick is soon to release Sidewinders, the second installment in his dark epic trilogy, The Fire Sacraments. You may recognize Redick from his Chathrand Voyage series. Redick has also contributed to the star-studded Unfettered anthologies. Rightfully praised by fantasy mainstays including Patrick Rothfuss and Mark Lawrence, Redick has penned an impressive sequel that manages to surpass Master Assassins, the excellent first novel in the series.

Sidewinders continues the story of brothers and rivals Kandri and Mektu Hinjuman as they try to outrun the consequences of accidentally murdering the warmongering Prophet’s favorite son. The brothers must travel with a caravan across the hostile deserts of Urrath not only to flee their hunters but also to attempt to deliver a letter with monumental repercussions for humanity. The author was kind enough to have a chat with Grimdark Magazine about his new novel, worldbuilding, human nature, structural injustice, and more.

[JF] What should readers know about Sidewinders?