ANNOUNCEMENT: GdM#19 April edition

I have some bad news for GdM fans, but it’s short-term and for a (hopefully) acceptable reason.

There will be no Grimdark Magazine released on the 1st of April 2019. The next issue to be released will be on the 1st July 2019.

“Why you cruel, heartless bastard?” I hear you ask.

I’m getting married on March 30th. Despite our best efforts and intentions to plan and get the issue done in advance, I personally just haven’t had the bandwidth to do my share of the wedding planning, work the overtime hours my day job has demanded the last seven months, and get this issue prepared. If I wanted to help keep a roof over our heads and not end up divorced before I got married, something had to give. Unfortunately, that’s GdM’s April issue this time.

I apologise to our fans for the six month gap in publication, but I promise that I do have a little bit of a treat for our Patreon subscribers on the way that’ll drop at some point between now and the end of April.


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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins is the editor in chief of Grimdark Magazine and knows, like, a LOT about beer, whiskey, and bodysurfing.