Artist spotlight: Carlos Diaz

When Carlos Diaz responded to our last cover artist open window after the departure of Jason Deem, his was one of the first submission emails I opened, and he was shortlisted immediately. His dark, moody style was an absolutely perfect match for what I was after to represent our magazine to the readership. You can head over to our catalogue to the work he’s done for GdM.

Check out more of Carlos Diaz artwork over on his ArtStation here. You can reach out to him through his website for commission work, here.

Welcome Appetizer

One of Carlos’ personal works. I’m not sure if this magnificent piece is siting on somebody’s cover as a stock art piece, but if it isn’t, it needs to be ASAP. The movement, armour style, and the heat coming off the page are just brilliant.

Hexxen 1733 RPG – Chain Demon

I haven’t played the RPG, but damn this would make an amazing character / beast card. If you come across this chain demon, you know you’re in for one hell of a fight.

Butcher of the Fallen – Legend of the Five Rings LCG card art – Crab clan

I love how much this artwork says without a singe word attached. Undead horsemen, barbarians, axes with faces, all in Carlos’ dark AF style.