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Chris Napier

Chris Napier

Chris Napier lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife, two young sons and a head full of utter nonsense. An ecumenical geek, he especially delights in stories of hope in dark places and finding beauty in desolation. In between writing his own stories and posting to his Chaotic Good Story Club, he attends the Glasgow SF Writers Circle and contributes to Big Comic Page and Grimdark Magazine.

REVIEW: Stars and Bones by Gareth Powell

Gareth Powell has built a reputation for delivering well crafted and emotionally investing space opera with a fair share of humour, from Embers of War to Ack-Ack Macaque and his latest offering, Stars and...

Is Dune a worthy adaptation of its lofty source material?

Dune comes with a lot of baggage and high expectations. For a start, it’s based on one of the most critically and commercially successful science fiction novels of all time (whether it is grimdark...

REVIEW: Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I know Adrian Tchaikovsky best from works like Children of Time, Children of Ruin and Dogs of War where he uses other creatures, often affected by humanity’s meddling to talk about very relatable human...