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Chris Napier

Chris Napier lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife, two young sons and a head full of utter nonsense. An ecumenical geek, he especially delights in stories of hope in dark places and finding beauty in desolation. In between writing his own stories and posting to his Chaotic Good Story Club, he attends the Glasgow SF Writers Circle and contributes to Big Comic Page and Grimdark Magazine.

REVIEW: Black Legion by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Black Legion, the follow up to the Talon of Horus continues the tale of Iskander Khayon as he takes part in the wars to assert the titular Black Legion as the pre-eminent force amongst...

REVIEW: The Talon of Horus by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

The Talon of Horus is the tale of how the Black Legion came about in the aftermath of the galaxy-spanning Horus Heresy. It is recollected by Iskander Khayon, a former Thousand Sons sorcerer who...