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C.T Phipps is a lifelong student of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. An avid tabletop gamer, he discovered this passion led him to write and turned him into a lifelong geek. He's the author of Agent G, Cthulhu Armageddon, Lucifer's Star, Straight Outta Fangton, and The Supervillainy Saga. He is also a frequent contributor to Grimdark Magazine.

REVIEW: The Roach by Rhett C. Bruno

The Roach by Rhett C. Bruno is a book that is a rare find among grimdark fiction: a superhero novel. There’s certainly grimdark superhero stories like Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Spawn, and Daredevil:...

REVIEW: This Thing of Darkness by Allan Batchelder

“What if William Shakespeare faked his death to live in Jamestown? What if there was a monster in the woods there?” Either of these could be the basis for a fun alternate history novel...

REVIEW: War Games by Anna Mocikat

Behind Blue Eyes: War Games is the third installment of the Behind Blue Eyes series by Anna Mocikat. The Behind Blue Eyes series is a modern neo-cyberpunk novel series that envisions a world dominated...