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David Stevens

David Stevens is a 39 year old aging punk rock kid who, after being forced to sell his drums and guitar, has re-engaged in his teenage crusade to find release in escapism. A D&D vet who also plays a lot of video games and watches way too many TV shows and movies that his wife generally considers "cockamamie bulljive", he has become a connoisseur of geek culture and a pioneer of socially awkward adulthood. He spent his twenties as a contributor to three Central Florida music magazines (Outback, Counter Theory, Big Bully) and is currently struggling to complete two books (He is prioritizing a Cyberpunk novel entitled "Technocracy"). He currently lives (begrudgingly) in Tampa, Florida with his wife, three children, and Peter Pan complex, where he works in a call center, being screamed at by irrational strangers over the telephone. He will probably slip into a diabetic coma and die before he's 45.

Understanding Dystopian Fiction

Understanding Dystopian Fiction in the Age of Political Correctness

Recently, Blade Runner 2049, as did the original film, has come under fire from some media outlets as being misogynistic, depicting women as unequal to their on-screen, male counterparts. These outlets aren’t entirely wrong....

Re-watching the Watchmen

Re-watching the Watchmen: Making the Case for Zack Snyder’s Adaptation

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is inarguably one of the greatest achievements in comic-book history. It’s a tale of murder, grand conspiracies, paranoia, hope, and betrayal at the height of the Cold War in an alternate-timeline...

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