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Durand Welsh

Durand Welsh

Durand Welsh lives in Sydney, Australia, where he’ll read anything with a spaceship or a sword on the front cover. He always enjoys a good action-filled romp, and given his gimpy knee and lack of private healthcare, it’s probably best for everyone that these only occur in his imagination. His dream is to one day grow a beard, preferably his own.

Snakewood by Adrian Selby

Review: Snakewood by Adrian Selby

Make no mistake: Snakewood is grimdark. It’s grimdark and then some. Moral ambiguity infuses all the major characters, and no clear line is ever drawn between right and wrong, good and evil. Snakewood is...

Nightwise by R.S. Belcher

Review: Nightwise by R.S. Belcher

Urban fantasy is a mixed-breed animal. Horror, dark fantasy, romance, hard-boiled detective fiction, police procedural – urban fantasy pairs them off, lets them get comfy, and then births its own unique lineages of weird...