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Edmund Racher

Edmund Racher

Edmund is a speculative fiction and history enthusiast based in East Anglia. When not reading, he takes in DIY tabletop gaming, country walks and gin.

REVIEW: Interlibrary Loan by Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe’s Interlibrary Loan is a sequel to his 2015 A Borrowed Man. The premise of both is that in a future Earth, libraries not only offer books to be loaned, but also authors...

REVIEW: Crossfire by Matthew Farrer

Judge, jury and executioner in the Judge Dredd mould, the Adeptus Arbites act as the long arm of the law on the countless planets of the Imperium. Largely overshadowed in the fiction of the...

REVIEW: Home Fires by Gene Wolfe

Whatever dystopias the late Gene Wolfe may have written, it is perhaps fairer to say that he was more invested in investigating the state of the personality of his characters. We may track this...