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Elizabeth Tabler runs Beforewegoblog and is constantly immersed in fantasy stories. She was at one time an architect but divides her time now between her family in Portland, Oregon, and as many book worlds as she can get her hands on. She is also a huge fan of Self Published fantasy and is on Team Qwillery as a judge for SPFBO5. You will find her with a coffee in one hand and her iPad in the other. Find her on:

yellow jessamine

REVIEW: Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling started incredibly strong with great atmospheric detail and a very creepy vibe but puttered out and ended with a whimper.  Evelyn Perdanu is a shipping magnate, the only living...

a deadly education

REVIEW: A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik, lesson one: block off a large block of time when starting this series because you will not want to put it down. Damn, getting sleep and bathing.  Hell,...


An Interview With Josh Malerman

Josh Malermen entered the book scene 8 years ago with Bird Box, a novel about the apocalypse. We met Malorie and watched her struggle past the unthinkable. It was highly acclaimed and was eventually...

when sorrows came

REVIEW: When Sorrows Come by Seanan McGuire

Usually, when I read a Seanan McGuire book, such as her newest October Daye book, When Sorrows Come, I fall face first into it and do not come up for air until the book is...


ARTICLE: The Pandemic as a Universal Horror by A.M. Shine

She staggers down a suburban street. Her left foot has been limping since the knife sank into her thigh, but it’s the blood loss that’s slowing her down, making her weak. He’s still following...

the last graduate

REVIEW: The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik

As someone who grew up with a massive love for Harry Potter but is now turned off by the saccharin sweetness of that series, The Last Graduate, book 2 of The Scholomance series is a perfect reminder that it...

REVIEW: Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay

Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay is a whip-cracklingly quick story that immediately pulls you into the nightmare and drowns you in emotions of fear, despair, and a little bit of hope.  Tremblay drops us into Massachusetts...

the band

The Music of The Band by Nicholas Eames

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Nicholas Eames’s series The Band, you should stop what you are doing and go read that right now because The Band is seriously next level....

the loop

REVIEW: The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson

The Loop is a freaky story: a little bit War of the Worlds, a little bit Stranger Things, and a little bit, huh?  Have you ever heard of Turner Falls, Oregon? A typical little city with...

kevin hearne

An Interview With Kevin Hearne

Today we are talking to New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Herne. Herne is the author of multiple fantasy series, The Iron Druid Chronicles, The Seven Kennings, and Ink & Sigil. He also often...