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Esmay Rosalyne

Esmay Rosalyne

Esmay Rosalyne

Esmay Rosalyne is a self-proclaimed professional book devourer from The Netherlands. While (dark) fantasy will always have her heart, she is also a big indie/self-pub enthusiast and will probably read anything if the premise sounds intriguing enough. Or, you know, if it promises complete emotional destruction. When not reading books, she is probably reviewing books, talking about books, or watching videos of fellow bookworms talking about books.


REVIEW: Renia by Karl Forshaw

Karl Forshaw’s debut novel Renia is without a doubt one of the most exciting, unique and fresh takes on a fantasy story I have ever read. It’s an alluring genre-blendy gem of a book...

The Crown of Omens

REVIEW: The Crown of Omens by E.J. Doble

The Crown of Omens is the exhilarating prequel novella to The Fangs of War, which kicks off E.J. Doble’s The Blood and Steel Saga with an absolute bang. Imagine Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes, but...