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Fabienne can usually be found with her nose in a book or two. Most of her life revolves around words, be that reading, writing, or editing. You can find more of her ramblings over on, where she also reviews YA books and more lighthearted Fantasy and Science Fiction, as @FLSchwizer on Twitter, and @libri_draconis on Instagram. If you're curious about what she is currently reading, check out

REVIEW: The Embroidered Book by Kate Heartfield

Kate Heartfield’s The Embroidered Book is a massive tome – the ARC’s page count comes in around 650 pages – but it feels far less daunting while reading. The story is so captivating and...

REVIEW: Travelers Along the Way by Aminah Mae Safi

Travelers Along the Way by Aminah Mae Safi is exactly the kind of retelling I adore. It reworks the well-known story of Robin Hood, that legendary outlaw active in Sherwood Forest outside of Nottingham...

daughter of the moon goddess

REVIEW: Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

Sue Lynn Tan’s debut Daughter of the Moon Goddess is inspired by the Chinese legend of Chang’e and Houyi, although it is set years after that story ends. Xingyin is the daughter of the...