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James lives in Sydney with his young family and a maniacal cavoodle. Recipient of a few international literary awards and nominations, he enjoys reading gritty thrillers filled with moral dilemmas and a real sense of danger.

REVIEW: Wolf of Wessex by Matthew Harffy

In The Wolf Of Wessex, Matthew Harffy picks up a theme which has worked well in other genres and applies it to Dark Ages England. The theme I’m referring to is that of the...

Bayou Baby by Renee Miller

REVIEW: Bayou Baby by Renee Miller

New Orleans and its surrounding swamps form the setting for Bayou baby, a highly original and disturbing novel by Canadian author Renee Miller, who mainly writes grim, dark stories that often stray into horror,...

the demon

REVIEW: The Demon by Douglas Nicholas

I heard from another reader that this story was quite short, although it also sounded quite compelling. After reading it I wrongly assumed (due to it being so short) that it must have been...