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Levi Ergott

REVIEW: Many are the Dead by Anthony Ryan

After the Industrial Age adventures of The Draconis Memoria series, Anthony Ryan has returned to the fantasy world of Raven’s Shadow with the novella Many Are the Dead. The book is set 10 years...

REVIEW: Darksoul by Anna Stephens

Darksoul is Anna Stephens’s taut follow-up to Godblind and the second volume in the Godblind Trilogy. With a desperate siege and angry gods, this installment shrinks the geography and increases the tension. The characters...

REVIEW: Godblind by Anna Stephens

Godblind is the hard-hitting debut by Anna Stephens and the first volume in the Godblind Trilogy. The novel is a medieval epic fantasy set in the small land-locked kingdom of Rilpor and its antagonistic...

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