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Matthew John

Matthew John

Matthew John is an English Language Arts teacher and employee of Monolith Games (Conan, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles). He lives with his wife, two children, and countless cats and dogs in Nova Scotia, Canada. When time allows, he likes to write short fiction, waste time at the gaming table, and chat sword and sorcery on the Rogues in the House Podcast. His work has been published in Skelos (SkelosPress), Weirdbook (Wildside Press), and Robert E. Howard’s Conan the roleplaying game (Modiphius Games).

Five Things Netflix Must Get Right for Conan

While details are sparse at the moment—with no mention of showrunners or writers—the news is out, and one niche corner of fandom has cause to raise flagons in celebration: Conan the Cimmerian is coming...

Robert E. Howard: Godfather of Grimdark?

Grimdark is a relatively new label for speculative fiction. Maybe the term first rolled around on your tongue while painting Warhammer miniatures back in the 90s, or perhaps it took Joe Abercrombie’s Twitter handle...

Conan the Destroyed: the Good, the Bad, and The Reboot

Conan the Barbarian was once a household name. Back when I was very young, the character was at the height of his popularity, and you might have seen his grim visage and muscular physique...