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Michael R. Fletcher is a wandering door-to-door used grilled cheese sandwich salesman. We swills whiskey more often than is healthy, has a Taoist approach to pants, and sometimes writes books. If the many fragments of his personality live locked in cages in the basement that is probably for the best.

EXCLUSIVE: Cover reveal Black Stone Heart by Michael R. Fletcher

Much as parents deny having a favourite child, authors are hesitant to declare a favourite book. I understand that. What if it flops? What if everyone hates it? What if you like your next...

A Letter to the Editor from Michael R Fletcher

Dear Adrian, There’s a whole bunch I need to get off my chest, and a lot I need to apologize for. Apparently, we’ve been friends for a bunch of years now, but I’ve been...

COVER REVEAL: Smoke and Stone by Michael R. Fletcher

Books are weird. This isn’t my first. It is, in fact, the fifth, and I’ve written two more since this one (you’ll see those next year). And yet every time is a surprise. Every...

Exclusive: Audio Prologue of Ghosts of Tomorrow

When I finally got off my butt and started looking for a narrator for Ghosts of Tomorrow, I knew exactly what I wanted: Male. American. Gritty voice. I posted the book on ACX and...