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Nate Aubin

Nate Aubin

Nate dwells deep in the grizzled heart of South Texas and works at a college library. When he’s not lost in the stacks or busy terrorizing patrons, he spends his time writing, reading, brooding, weaving chainmail, and rolling dice with too many sides. Nate prefers his coffee black, bitter, and cold and enjoys stories of a similar sort. He’s a lover of all things grimdark, and a few of his favorite novels include Beyond Redemption, Best Served Cold, and Prince of Thorns.

REVIEW: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

“Have you heard about that book that’s supposed to drive you insane?” The first time I caught wind of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves, I was sitting in a coffee shop with a...

REVIEW: The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish

In The Bladed Faith, book one of David Dalglish’s Vagrant Gods series, a young Prince Cyrus sees his peaceful island kingdom of Thanet invaded by the Everlorn Empire and its monstrous, superhuman Paragon soldiers....

REVIEW: Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide by Ghostfire Gaming

If your Dungeons and Dragons group is keen on darker, gritier adventures, Ghostfire Gaming’s Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide might be the book for them. Set in Etharis, a land ravaged by plague, violent...