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Nate Aubin

Nate Aubin

Nate dwells deep in the grizzled heart of South Texas and works at a college library. When he’s not lost in the stacks or busy terrorizing patrons, he spends his time writing, reading, brooding, weaving chainmail, and rolling dice with too many sides. Nate prefers his coffee black, bitter, and cold and enjoys stories of a similar sort. He’s a lover of all things grimdark, and a few of his favorite novels include Beyond Redemption, Best Served Cold, and Prince of Thorns.

7 Books About Badarse Assassins

Are your favorite protagonists prone to sneaking, stabbing, and killing folk for coin? Are you keen on cloaks, shadows, and artful murder-for-hire? If you answered yes to any of the above and you’re looking...

jed hearne

REVIEW: The Thunder Heist by Jed Herne

In Jed Herne’s The Thunder Heist, humanity has abandoned monster-infested land and taken to the Twisted Seas in colossal city-ships. Among these tangled masses of lashed-together boats, one stands out: Zorith, the only floating...

REVIEW: The Headlock of Destiny by Samuel Gately

In Samuel Gately’s The Headlock of Destiny, fame, fortune, and the fate of kingdoms are wagered on gladiatorial cage matches between giant-blooded titans. When Headwater’s would-be champion falls injured days before the all-important Headlock...