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Rai is an avid SFF fan, with a leaning towards the darker stuff, and has been ever since they were a little kid. Rai lives with their partner and two cats, Noomi and Scout. They work in IT and are also a post-grad researcher into non-binary experiences. Besides reading, Rai enjoys walking, gardening, TV & films, and gaming, where they are a co-host of The Offline Gamer. Rai posts reviews and other bookish content on their site, , where you can also find some of their own fiction writing.

REVIEW: Black Tide by K.C. Jones

Black Tide is the debut novel from K.C. Jones that brings together the “human car wreck” of Beth, and Mike, a depressed movie producer, at the end of the world. This is a small-scale,...

REVIEW: Dreams of the Dying by Nicolas Lietzau

Dreams of the Dying is the first novel from Nicolas Lietzau and it is a whirlwind of nightmares, death and desperation. The book tackles some difficult themes, bring us the grey morality that is...