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Ryan is a mid-30s nerd, married, with two kids. Also two cats–Cathulhu and Necronomicat. He likes, in no particular order, tabletop gaming, board games, arguing over books, ancient history and religion, and puns. You can find him as unconundrum on reddit.

REVIEW: Disco Elysium

The flippant pitch for Disco Elysium would be to say if China Mieville wrote a Dirk Gently video game. The writer, Robert Kurvitz, has made something unique with this game, and it’s hardly a...

REVIEW: Brothers of the Wind by Tad Williams

Ineluki and Hakatri are brothers, scions of the House of Year-Dancing and princes among the Zida’ya of Asu’a. Brothers of the Wind takes place in Osten Ard, the same setting as Tad Williams’ series...

REVIEW: The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler

The Nothing Within is a book that utterly oozes voice. It’s the debut novel of Andy Giesler, and I was lucky to get a chance to read it as part of my role as...