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Ryan is a mid-30s nerd, married, with two kids. Also two cats–Cathulhu and Necronomicat. He likes, in no particular order, tabletop gaming, board games, arguing over books, ancient history and religion, and puns. You can find him as unconundrum on reddit.

REVIEW: Legacy of the Brightwash by Krystle Matar

Legacy of the Brightwash is the debut novel by Krystle Matar, and it’s an excellent start to a richly detailed world. Legacy of the Brightwash follows Tashué Blackwood, a former war hero, now an...

REVIEW: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, is a masterfully-executed slow-burn horror novel. Noemí Taboada is a young, sly socialite. Though she appears flighty, she has a solid backbone and is cleverer than people often take...

REVIEW: The Mold Farmer by Rick Claypool

Earth has been invaded by aliens. The Mold Farmer is not the story of a cunning insurrection, or how we fought back. This isn’t even the story of survivors banding together to persevere or...