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Shawn Mansouri is a research technician in the fight against mosquito-borne disease. When he's not wrangling mosquitoes and bedbugs and mice, he reads and writes speculative fiction from a bamboo-encased bungalow riddled with arrows, ninja stars and rejection slips. He's a huge fan of Grimdark Magazine and the Grim Tidings Podcast. "If you can put me in someone else's shoes, and make me see the world in a different light, I'm sold." He lives in sunny—much too sunny—California with the love of his life Cymphonee.

Fae – The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin-King

Review: Fae – The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin-King

Graham Austin-King puts the bite back into the world of fairy tales with the first of the Riven Wyrde Trilogy: Fae – The Wild Hunt. This story is told from the perspective of three...