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Steve Green

Steve Green is a former secondary school teacher turned IT Professional who hails from The Lincolnshire Wolds. When he’s done hoping that switching-it-off-and-on-again will do the trick for the day, he can often be found running or exploring the countryside. He is hopelessly outnumbered at home with his wife, daughter and cat.

REVIEW: Daughter of Redwinter by Ed McDonald

The GdM faithful will probably be familiar with author Ed McDonald from his brilliant, bestselling Raven’s Mark trilogy. His latest offering is Daughter of Redwinter which sets its own, distinct flavour from the opening....

REVIEW: Empire of Blood and Sand by Alister Hodge

Empire of Blood and Sand by Alister Hodge is a riotous dark fantasy which satisfied my thirst for a grimdark fix with flavours befitting of the genre. Right from its well-hewn opening, Empire of...

REVIEW: Boys, Beasts, & Men by Sam J. Miller

Boys, Beasts, & Men is a collection of Sam J. Miller’s finest sci-fi short fiction to date. The author is perhaps best known for his novels Blackfish City and The Art of Starving and...