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Holly digs fantasy, sci-fi, horror, Star Wars, heavy metal, whiskey, nachos & everything in-between! She is a freelance writer living in Canada & is currently writing a grimdark series that she hopes to one day actually complete if she can just ignore the editor in her a wee bit more.

REVIEW: The Light Brigate by Kameron Hurley

“When you drop, you burst apart like…Well, first your whole body shakes. Then every muscle gets taut and contracts, like you’re experiencing a full-body muscle spasm centered in your core. The CO says it’s...

REVIEW: The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

“He moves through the familiar graveyard. The ancient willow trees know him, and bend aside for him. He scales the cliff-side rather than take the longer, guarded path. The worm-men are looking for him;...

REVIEW: Cold Iron by Miles Cameron

“Superb,” the man in the black cloak said, and slammed his dagger into the young man’s temple, killing him instantly. The blade emerged from the other temple with admirable precision, and the man in...

REVIEW: Queen of Crows by Myke Cole

Fucking hell, Myke Cole! Why do you hurt me so?!? What a roller coaster of emotions The Queen of Crows presented. The Queen of Crows is the follow-up to The Armored Saint, which was...

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