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Timy Takács

Timy Takács

Tiny evil creature, sarcastic smartass, music addict rocker and panda lover. Timy is one of the weird people called hungarians, born and raised in Budapest. She loves everything mythological - and has a degree to prove it - especially if it's on the darker side of the spectrum. She has a boring day job so Timy entertains herself with crafting, reading, blogging and writing both reviews and short stories.

REVIEW: Three Crows Magazine issue 4

This is the third (out of four) issue of Three Crows Magazine that I’ve had the privilege to read to date. And although they have already published some really great short stories in previous issues, so...

REVIEW: Breaking Chaos by Ben Galley

The roads to Araxes’ throne are painted by blood. The endgame has begun, secrets are revealed, allies turn into enemies, fates collide. Chaos breaks out (yes, pun intended) and until the very end it’s...

REVIEW: Grim Solace by Ben Galley

Just like me, you should be very excited to be back in Araxes in Grim Solace, where death is not the end, but just a new form of half-life. In book two of Ben...