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Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Tom has been with Grimdark Magazine almost from day one. He's responsible for all of the awesome interviews you see in GdM's pages. Outside of the SFF scene, Tom is a mad keen UFC watcher and trainee.

An Interview with Alicia Wanstall-Burke and Graham Austin-King

Two of the biggest legends in the indie author crew are getting married. They write dark fantasy, they are a great laugh, and they are from opposite sides of the planet. I caught up...

An Interview with Peter McLean

Greetings grimlings! This issue I join you from a dingy bar in Ellinburg where I have finally cornered Peter McLean for a chin wag. In case you are unfamiliar, Peter is the author of...

Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher

Catching up with grimdark fantasy champion Michael R. Fletcher

Our man in the trenches Tom Smith gets into the darkest side of fantasy, catching up with Beyond Redemption author and champion of grimdark fantasy, Michael R. Fletcher. We chat about his writing process...