Interview: A Beer or Three with Michael R. Fletcher

Michael R. Fletcher

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to grab Michael R. Fletcher for a chin wag and a beer from half the world away. We had a brilliant chat about Beyond Redemption, what happens when your book isn’t a hit, what he’s up to next and drank some marvellous beers.

Half a day later, in one of my most infuriating screw-ups to date, I surrendered to the undeniable fact that I had only recorded my voice and Mike was just lip synching to a muted sound track.

This video is our second attempt at A Beer or Three With Michael R. Fletcher. I made Mike laugh at my jokes to make me seem less awkward. I believe he’s done an admirable job.

I hope you enjoy our chat. Keep en eye out for for more from the GdM team in our A Beer or Three With… interviews.

A huge thanks to Mike for his time (twice over), his patience and for being our first guest.

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins is the editor in chief of Grimdark Magazine and knows, like, a LOT about beer, whiskey, and bodysurfing.