Best SFF books of 2020 so far: picked by the GdM team

There have been some magnificent books released this year. We asked the GdM team what they thought the best SFF books of 2020 so far were, with each member of our reviewer team putting forward their favourite. As with each of these lists we publish, they generally span the gamut of dark fiction to full blown grimdark, but I’m sure readers will be happy to see some laughs in this list as well–because bugger me we could all use some!

We’ve got plenty to look forward to in fiction over the second half of 2020, but if you’re itching for something new to read right now, you could do a lot worse than the below books! We have plenty of action, intrigue, stories close and personal alongside the epic and grandiose, and all well worth looking in to.

Happy browsing!

Along The Razor’s Edge by Rob J. Hayes

(Picked by Chris Haught)

At just fifteen Eskara Helsene fought in the greatest war mankind has ever known. Fought and lost. There is only one place her enemies would send a Sourcerer as powerful as her, the Pit, a prison sunk so deep into the earth the sun is a distant memory. Now she finds herself stripped of her magic; a young girl surrounded by thieves, murderers, and worse. In order to survive she will need to find new allies, play the inmates against each other, and find a way out. Her enemies will soon find Eskara is not so easily broken.

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Read in the US: Along the Razor’s Edge (The War Eternal Book 1)
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Flyaway by Kathleen Jennings

(Picked by Michael Dodd)

In a small Western Queensland town, a reserved young woman receives a note from one of her vanished brother