Casting the characters of Ed McDonald’s Blackwing

Ed McDonald’s Blackwing threw itself into the fray in 2017. With its gritty mixture of frontier brutality, despair and dread it solidified itself as one of the best releases of the past few years. To get the ball rolling and get half of Netflix’s job out of the way for them, Ed and I have pulled together a cast ready to hit the Range running.


Our hero. A Blackwing Captain and former military officer, turned alcoholic bounty hunter. Who didn’t love getting into his headspace and seeing the Range and Misery through his eyes? Ed’s picks are Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) Ed wrote “Galharrow’s main traits are the depression that lurks within him, the shattered sense of self and pride that he has lost, but he’s also supposed to be 6’6 and 300lbs. He needs to look like a guy you would never, ever follow down a dark alley. Mike and Joel both fulfil all of those criteria for me – they have both shown great talent portraying lonely, broken, conflicted characters in great shows.” Both options embody aspects of Galharrow well. I picked Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for his grit and after his lackluster farewell on Game of Thrones I feel many of us could agree this would be a good redemption.


The most powerful Spinner of the Range. I had the hardest time finding anyone to fit this pivotal Blackwing character, Ed however had one lined up immediately and she could master the role like no other. Ed’s choice for the role which I firmly agree with is Martha Higareda. “There was a picture that I saw of Martha and Joel together in Altered Carbon, and I immediately thought “woah, that’s Galharrow and Ezabeth!” She’s a great actor and brings real feeling to her roles, and just as Galharrow is 6’6, Ezabeth is about 5’ tall and so she fulfils the required height disparity.” After watching Altered Carbon for myself I immediately understood and strongly backed Ed’s pick for our master Spinner.


Loveable crazy Nenn, who doesn’t care if you’re cream or common; to her you’re all the same—shit. Ed’s choice is Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot. “Nenn is such a fun character to write, and I think she ended up closely rivalling Ryhalt for fan’s affections. Whoever plays her needs to really capture her die-hard spirit, but also her sense of fun. I follow Gal Gadot on Instagram and Twitter and she comes across there as someone who could pull it off.” Ed also continued with “[She is] fierce, l