Christopher Buehlman announces The Daughters’ War

Our team described Christopher Buehlman’s The Blacktongue Thief as ‘the next big thing’—and with the almost universal acclaim for the book among the fantasy community, I think it’s fair to say we were right.

Now, fans can rejoice, for Buehlman has announced a new book in his beloved world, set to come out next summer.


The book is called The Daughters’ War and will be a prequel. According to the announcement on Publisher’s Marketplace, The Daughters’ War will be set during the ‘brutal’ goblin war that took place in the years before the main story in The Blacktongue Thief.

We will see the daughter of a duke join a war against goblins, while battling alongside giant war-birds—which were a hugely popular part of the original. The daughter in question is Galva, one of the main characters of the first book, who our protagonist Kinch followed on her quest to save a missing Queen.

Other details on the book are scant but grimdark fans loved the chaos of The Blacktongue Thief, a unique book that blended fantastic action sequences with mind-bending magic and genuine hilarity.

The Grimdark Magazine team was able to speak to Christopher’s UK editor, Brendan Durkin at Gollancz, who is just as excited about the newly announced book as we all are:

After reading The Blacktongue Thief, when I found out Chris had this gnarly epic fantasy extravaganza up his sleeve, from the perspective of Galva – a character who is simply a work of genius – I couldn’t have been more excited. The Daughters’ War is gripping, expansive, devastatingly brutal as well as darkly funny. There are too many superlatives I could use to describe it. It’s an incredible piece of work, I’m lucky to be publishing it and fans of epic fantasy are going to absolutely love it.

Fans hope The Daughters’ War will be more of the same—and peel back more of the world-building and mystery that enthralled us all so much the first time.

The news was, unsurprisingly, very well-received by fans.

One said: “Cannot wait for this. I appreciate your work so much. Thank you.”


Another commented: ‘I have two friends and my son reading Blacktongue Thief right now because of my perpetual nagging! I cannot WAIT for this book!”

While a third said: “I read The Blacktounge Thief on my vacation this summer and loved it to bits. Really looking forward to next summer now!”

However, some did wonder at the summer 2024 publication date.

Buehlman was quick to respond, writing on Twitter: “I understand. It took me a while to find the central conflict and the voice. I hope you’ll find it was worth the wait.”


He also confirmed the story would be in first person from Galva’s perspective.

We can’t wait!

You can read our review of The Blacktongue Thief here.

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