COVER REVEAL: A Collection of Obsessions by Michael R. Fletcher

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

Michael R. Fletcher’s A Collection of Obsessions is described in our review as, “A deep dive into the psyche of a fiction writer, someone that has faced hundreds of rejections, gone through the publication process, and is a valuable voice to guide those starting out.” This magnificent collection includes 17 brilliant short fiction stories featuring Fletcher’s full range of cyberpunk to fantasy to semi-autobiographic and historical works. And it’s those commentaries and semi-autobiographic works that give a deep insight into the man and his process and why it’s important that his daughter create his cover.

Without further ado…

The reveal

Here it is!

Check out the review!

If you haven’t yet checked out our review, go have a look now. If it doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Click here.

Pre-order this masterpiece, now

Make sure you get yourself a copy immediately.

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[…] off, isn’t that cover wonderful? Designed by his daughter, it’s the kind of cover I wish more folks had the courage to create and show, and a cover you […]