Cover Reveal: Ash and Bones by Michael R. Fletcher

Last Updated on June 18, 2020

First, a huge thanks to Grimdark Magazine for hosting all these cover reveals for me over the years! Your support and kindness and patience with that project that I’m so late on finishing (it really is Mark Lawrence’s fault!) is truly appreciated.

Right. On with the reveal…

If you cast your thoughts all the way back to September 1st, 2019 the first thing that will no doubt come to mind is GdM hosting the cover reveal for Smoke and Stone. I babbled as I usually do on these things, whinging about being broke and how that evil genius, Felix Ortiz, tricked me into hiring him to do the cover art.

Well, I’m here to tell you that things have gone steadily downhill!

Here is the problem with hiring an amazing artist for the first book in your planned trilogy: If you want all the following books to look as good and click on a thematic level, you’re going to have to keep hiring them. It really was a terrible oversight on my part. And now this is where I really fucked up. Felix did such an amazing job on Smoke and Stone, that I hired him to do the Black Stone Heart (The Obsidian Path #1) cover. He has now done the cover art for the first books in two different trilogies! I’m stuck with him until I finish writing all these damned books!

To make matters worse, this time Felix did the typography. His work was so much better than what I did for Smoke and Stone, that I’ve since hired him to redo the typography for that book!

Luckily, he is insanely easy to work with and madly talented.

Each time I spew deranged descriptions and shout colours and feelings at him, he comes back with something that completely crushes my expectations.

And so…

Check out the Ash and Bones blurb and get excited!

Smoking Mirror spoke in smoke and stone.

Having returned Mother Death to Bastion, Nuru flees to the inner rings. The Loa heretics seek to turn her to their own ends and topple the nahual from power. Having murdered her husband, Mother Death plots to reclaim the underworld as her own. As Bastion crumbles around her, Nuru contemplates the ultimate blasphemy: A world without gods.

Broken by his battle with Mother Death, Akachi awakens with renewed purpose. He must hunt the blasphemers who would destroy his beloved city. Armed with the Staff of the Fifth Sun he stalks Nuru through Bastion’s rings. The survival of all humanity rests on his shoulders.

Nothing is as it seems. Smoking Mirror, god of discord and strife, plots behind the scenes. He manipulates gods and men alike in a game as old as time.

From the lowest Grower to the gods at her heart, Bastion is once again at war.

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