GdM Battle-off Winner Joanne Hall Claims Her Cover Art Prize!

The Summer Goddess by Joanna Hall

Last Updated on June 20, 2024

A few more than a few months back the GdM Battle-off wrapped up with Joanne Hall taking the top spot and cleaning out an absolute swag of prizes. One of those prizes was a cover from Jason Deem at Spiral Horizon Art – and man, has he delivered. Check out this piece for Joanne Hall’s The Summer Goddess.

The Summer Goddess by Joanna Hall

To check out the battle scene that won Joanne this awesome prize, click here.

A Little Bit About The Summer Goddess

When Asta’s nephew is taken by slavers, she pledges to her brother that she will find him, or die trying. Her search takes her from the fading islands of the Scattering, a nation in thrall to a powerful enemy, to the port city of Naopolis. There she finds a people dominated by a sinister cult, thirsty for blood to feed their hungry god.
Haunted by the spirit of her brother, forced into an uncertain alliance with a pair of assassins, Asta faces a deadly choice – save the people of two nations, or save her brother’s only son.

A Coupl’a Minutes With Joanne Hall

1. Your battle scene was a fan and judge favourite. What influenced it?
Probably a combination of things, really, thinking back (it was a good five or six years ago I wrote it). I think I’d read a few battle scenes which seemed quite removed from the action, and I wanted to get right down in the thick of it, smell the mud and feel the blood raining down. I studied modern history, and I’d read accounts of WW1 battles that were absolutely horrific. I wanted to try and capture the spirit of that, using cavalry and medieval weaponry rather than tanks and rifles. A book I found really interesting and useful was On Killing- The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. It really goes into the psychological impact that learning to kill in different ways has on a person. It’s a great book, gives you a real insight – I’d recommend it for any fantasy writer who’s writing about soldiers and warfare.
Beyond that it was just reading and watching great fight scenes that other people have written and smooshing them all together!

2. When and where do we get to see this cover and your book up for sale?
The Summer Goddess is due out in December 2016 from Kristell Ink and will be available in Forbidden Planet and from Amazon / Smashwords and all the usual outlets, and you’ll be able to order it from bricks-and-mortar book stores as well. It’ll be available as an ebook and in old-fashioned dead tree format. My editor and I have actually started working through it this week, so it’s already a step closer!
It’s up on Goodreads now if you want to add it to your TBR –
In the meantime look out for updates on my blog – for more news and gossip!

About Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall lives in Bristol, England, with her partner. She has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen, and gave up a sensible (boring) job in insurance to be a full time writer, to the despair of her mother. She dabbled in music journalism, and enjoys going to gigs and the cinema, and reading.

Her first three novels, which made up the New Kingdom Trilogy, were published by Epress Online. Since then she has had to move house to make more room for books. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies, including “Dark Spires” and “Future Bristol”, as well as a number of magazines. A collection of short stories, “The Feline Queen” was published by Wolfsinger Publications in April 2011, and her latest novel, “The Art of Forgetting” was published by Kristell Ink in two volumes in 2013 /14, and the first volume has been longlisted for the 2014 Tiptree Award. With Roz Clarke, she has co­edited two anthologies, “Colinthology” and “Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion.”

She is also one of the founders of Bristolcon. Her blog can be found at, and her twitter is @hierath77. She’s always happy to hear from readers.

Jason Deem

Jason Deem is GdM’s cover artist and has been delivering amazing R. Scott Bakker fan art for years. He isn’t working anymore, but we all hope to see him again!

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