EXCERPT: The God King’s Legacy by Richard Nell

Richard Nell is a hugely popular self-published dark fantasy author. His Ash and Sand series, which begins with the critically acclaimed Kings of Paradise, has been a huge hit and is currently approaching 700 ratings on Goodreads with an average score of 4.3/5. Richard kindly sent us a sample chapter from The God King’s Legacy, a contestant in this year’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off contest. I hope you all enjoy.

The God King’s Legacy


Richard Nell

Celeste was gone when Lamorak kicked the door and growled.

“Get up, and wake the men.”

Johann grunted but stayed in bed long enough to smell her scent on his sheets, pillows and skin, then rose to the pre-dawn gloom. After brief hesitation he packed away his apprentice robes, setting aside the lighter and more comfortable uniform of a Fort Tyne Regular. He set his inks, quills and needles on t