EXCLUSIVE: Author list reveal for The King Must Fall dark fantasy Kickstarter anthology

Last Updated on June 26, 2024

With go-live for The King Must Fall Kickstarter only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to bring you in on who is going to be writing these regicidal stories for you. And, by the dark publishing gods, do we have one hell of an author list for you.

We’re incredibly honoured and fortunate to feature the below 19 authors in our lineup.

Author list

For The King Must Fall we went all out. We have some Grimdark Magazine crowd favourites, some Evil is a Matter of Perspective alumni, and some new authors to our pages who have massive reputations for producing amazing dark fiction. Either way, you know that you’re going to get some amazing stories.

Stretch goal authors

No Kickstarter anthology would be worth its salt without some stretch goal authors to add extra stories to its pages. The King Must Fall has some absolutely epic dark fantasy authors to add to its pages. Make sure you share this project around to your mates to access these extra stories:

Join our Kickstarter

The King Must Fall Kickstarter goes live on the 15th of June. Make sure you’re a part of the early backers to help us get this over that funding mark straight away. Click on the below image, go to the Kickstarter, hit the “Notify me on launch” button!

The King Must Fall Kickstarter


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