Exclusive Cover Reveal: Buzzard’s Bowl by John Palladino

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

Today we have a special treat for Grimdark Magazine readers: an exclusive cover reveal for Buzzard’s Bowl by John Palladino, the second book in his Tragedy of Cedain series and the follow-up to his grimdark debut, The Trials of Ashmount. Our complete review of the first book can be found here.

Buzzard’s Bowl is the name of Cedain’s gladiator arena, which becomes a major focus in the second book of Palladino’s series. Astute readers will recognize this cover scene from one of the final chapters in The Trials of Ashmount. The plot of Buzzard’s Bowl picks right up from there. According to Palladino, “With the events and action ramping up a lot more in Buzzard’s Bowl, I wanted a more active scene to convey the excitement of the book – really show readers things are about to get interesting.”

The cover art was designed by Dusan Markovic, a graduate of the University of Art in Belgrade who specializes in epic fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres.

Buzzard’s Bowl will be released on June 1, 2023.


Cedain continues to collapse.

Ashmount’s destruction shatters the Magicai while the culprits responsible continue sabotaging the world. All the while, the next season of Buzzard’s Bowl begins and Edelbrock, in his constant fight for survival, desires a vengeance he can only find in the arena.

Seradal and Villic find themselves in the middle of a war between Remeria and the Camel Clans, and may end up on opposing sides, while the threat of Calrym looms over all of them.

At the behest of the woman he loves, Demri finds himself thrown into the Elkavich, a not-so-secret order of Magicai who are intent upon fixing the world.

Ashen, a former urchin rescued by a noble with selfish aspirations, works to dismantle the nobility of Calrym.

Death is assured to all who walk the world, the only unknown is when they will perish.

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