Exclusive: Cover Reveal for A Twist of Faith by Thiago Abdalla

We have a special treat today for our loyal grimdark readers: an exclusive cover reveal for A Twist of Faith by Thiago Abdalla, the third book of his Ashes of Avarin series.

The Ashes of Avarin kicked off with Abdalla’s highly rated debut novel, A Touch of Light, which earned a finalist slot in Mark Lawrence’s 8th Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO8). Our review of A Touch of Light can be found here.

The series continued with A Shade of Madness, which introduced a new point-of-view character along with plenty of dark, griffin-laden action. Our review of A Shade of Madness is published here.

The cover art for A Twist of Faith was designed by Alejandro Colucci, the same artist who designed the covers of A Touch of Light and A Shade of Madness. Alejandro Colucci is an award-winning artist who has produced artwork for hundreds of fantasy, science fiction, crime, horror, and historical fiction publications, including illustrations for bestselling authors Anne Rice, Robin Hobb, Ursula K. Le Guin, Steven Erikson, and Joe Abercrombie.

A Twist of Faith will be released in Fall 2023.


The third book in the Ashes of Avarin series follows Adrian and Lynn as they fight off the invasion of the Domain and the Madness brought with it. The stakes are higher than ever as the enemy strikes a blow that goes deeper than flesh. It strikes at the core of the Faith itself. As the decay that started in the clanlands spreads to the Domain, Lynn and Adrian will take paths that will test their beliefs. Nasha is finding herself in the clanlands. She strives for unity among the clans and the power to fight the dead goddess, Zala, as she spreads her touch across the Silent Earth. Kadmus learns all he can, and searches for a way to bring back a cure to his daughter in the Domain.


A Twist of Faith

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