Exclusive cover reveal for Blindspace by Jeremy Szal

Last Updated on October 7, 2020

After exploding onto the science fiction scene with his barnstorming adrenaline-fest, alien drug-fuelled debut, Stormblood, Jeremy Szal is back with Blindspace, book two in The Common. Blindspace isn’t scheduled for release by Gollancz until October 2021, but I do have one hell of a cover to show you!

Now, there isn’t a great deal of detail available about Blindspace as of this post (there’s a few tid-bits in interviews here, here, and here) but if you’ve read book one, and you know the toll stormtech has taken on Harmony’s discarded Reaper super soldiers, then you’ll know the tagline on the cover has a big impact.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease …

This book is going to be painful, you’re going to cringe, and who knows if Vak, Artyom, Grimm, and Katherine will make it out the other end. And after saying the below about Stormblood, there is no question that I’ll be in line for this book.

Stormblood is a magnificent and explosive adrenaline-fest that ends with an absolute gut-punch that ties all the threads back into one tear-inducing moment. Szal’s debut is an absolute must read for fans of gritty, action-packed, detective / military SF. Whatever book two is, I’m in.

Now that I’ve managed to quote myself, let’s get in to the cover.

Check out the cover

Now, the cover for Blindspace is a thing of sci-fi beauty. The beasty armour, the ship, and the drop into the neon-drenched metropolis below has my imagination swimming with possibilities.


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