EXCLUSIVE: Cover Reveal for The King Must Fall

On the 15th of June 2021, the Grimdark Magazine team be kicking off our new Kickstarter anthology project, The King Must Fall. 14+ stories by some of the best and brightest names in dark Fantasy in ebook and glorious hardcover. We’ll also have signed limited editions in numbered hardcover and lettered leatherbound, and a range of stretch goals and backer level goals to add more authors, interior art, audio production, and a whole range of free ebooks.

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More details (and Pen Astridge‘s amazing book trailer) to come.

For now, I’m so, so stoked to show you Shawn King and Felix Ortiz‘s epic cover work for The King Must Fall. Get an eyeful.

Soaking in the details of this cover just hits the fantasy nail on the head for me. In every nook and cranny of this artwork Felix has snuck in something cool: a dragon, soldiers fighting and dying, and a king about to die in many, many ways. From the age of 12 when I first picked up The Hobbit to seeing Raymond Swanland’s cover for The Heroes published by Subterranean Press, this cover speaks to the fantasy lover in me across 24 years of reading and loving fantasy.

For more of a sneak peek at The King Must Fall and to stay on top of updates and when it’s going to release, please head over to our pre-launch page.