EXCLUSIVE: Cover reveal for THE TOWER OF LIVING AND DYING by Anna Smith-Spark

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Man, oh man, am I going off like a frog in a sock to be the one lucky enough to give you the first look at the UK cover for Anna Smith-Spark’s upcoming The Tower of Living and Dying, the follow up to the absolutely fucking MAGNIFICENT Court of Broken Knives. If you haven’t read Court of Broken Knives go check out our review and then the excerpt and then come back here, stat.

The Blurb for The Tower of Living and Dying

Marith Altrersyr – father-killer, dragonlord, leader of the blood-soaked Amrath Army – is keeping his promises. He is determined to become King of all Irlast and take back the seat of his ancestors.

Only Thalia, once high priestess of the Lord of Living and Dying, the holiest woman in the Empire, might stop Marith and his army’s deadly march. But she is torn, desperate to give up being his Queen and return home – but what will she find there? A city on the brink of ruin: diseased, despairing, dying?

Crawling through a tunnel deep under the ruins of her city, Landra Relast vows vengeance. Her family has been burned, her home destroyed, and now Marith – once her betrothed – must die. But as Landra cuts through the wasteland left in the wake of Marith’s army, she finds that she is not the only one who wishes him ill…

Grab yourself a pre-order now

This is one of GdM’s most anticipated books of 2018 – I can’t wait to get my hands on it to review it. Anna is one of the most exciting new voices out there, so UK customers, click here to pre-order, and US customers grab a pre-order using the link below.

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The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith-Spark

Now, if you haven’t read Smith-Spark’s debut, you are doing yourself an epic disservice. It was one of the best books of 2017 (made our best of list, here). People far cooler than I recommend it, below:

‘This outstanding, unputdownable debut holds and horrifies like a blood-spattered tapestry. There’s rough humour, high drama and a love of story-telling that shines through every page’ -Daily Mail

‘A confident first novel with deep veins of vice and brutality running through it, heralding the start of an atmospheric new series’ -SFX

‘Smith-Spark’s style, like her story stretches the envelope of conventions . . . the writing is skilful, the descriptions evocative, the dialogue sparks entertainingly, while the plot twists, turns and branches sinuously . . . an innovative and entertaining debut’ FantasyFaction

This is a tumultuous, often nihilistic world – but also one where there is potential for great beauty . . . I had to keep on turning pages to see what happens next’ – SFandF Reviews

If you haven’t bought The Court of Broken Knives…

Seriously, mate, sort it out. The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith-Spark is now available in paperback.

Buy it now.

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