EXCLUSIVE first look at Elric the Necromancer by Jean-Luc Cano and Julien Blondel

For the first time, Elric the Necromancer will be printed in English! Adapted from the stories by, and with approval from, Michael Moorcock, this features his character Elric – who must face an epic threat without his legendary Stormbringer. Originally published in French, this is the first time the tale has been translated into English.

Written by Jean-Luc Cano and Julien Blondel, and with art from Valentin Secher, this gorgeous book is something you need to check out. This is the second of Titan Comic’s translations of Blondel and Cano’s Moorcock-approved works we’ve reviewed, having also reviewed Dreaming City.

For fans of Moorcock’s albino Eternal Champion, this is an adaptation that cannot be missed.

We have the blurb and a sneak peek into the first pages of the comic, below, thanks to publisher Titan Comics.

About Elric the Necromancer

Two years after the sack of the great city of Imrryr, Elric wanders across the land as a mercenary, still grieving the death of his beloved Cymoril.

But a new danger is not far away-Queen Yishana has a quest for the White Wolf, a journey into another dimension where elemental magic nor the enchantment of his mighty sword Stormbringer seems to function.

Without his powers, how will Elric face down the old threat that lingers there?

Variant covers

Titan Comics have done a brilliant job bringing this cover to life with three other variant covers by (in order) Paolo Grella, Valentin Secher, and Pierre-Denis Goux.

Introduction and first three pages of Elric the Necromancer

I love the art style of Elric the Necromancer, with it’s dark, shady feel putting us right into the mood for a gritty, bloody adventure. Our experience reading Moorcock and Titan Comic’s reimagining of Dreaming City lets us know that these are the kinds of characters who play on the grey scales or morality, and will very likely appeal to our gridmark-loving crowd.




To find out what happens next in Elric the Necromancer, you’ll have to grab a copy, below!

Read Elric the Necromancer by Jean-Luc Cano and Julien Blondel

You can pre-order issue #1 from Titan directly, here, or gt a bundled issue #1 and Issue #2 below through Amazon.

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