Five Black Library authors to watch out for

In the Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writer’s Facebook group, there’s been a growing trend of seeing more of our favourite grimdark / dark fantasy and sci-fi authors being added to the Black Library stable of authors. For the moment, these authors seem to be restricted to short stories, as if Black Library is testing the waters with these authors to see if the style that is absolutely killing it in novels for publishers like HarperVoyager and Ace will result in the same kind of awesome stories–just in the grimdark 40K universe or the Warhammer / Age of Sigmar world.

So, here’s a quick spotlight on authors we think you 40K and Warhammer fans should be keeping an eye out for, and what else they’ve written (if you’re feeling adventurous).

Michael R. Fletcher

Fletcher is a magnificent author of all things gritty AF, with his barnstorming fantasy debut, Beyond Redemption being one of this publication’s favourite books of all time. It’s little wonder that Black Library have dipped the toe into Fletcher’s style, and I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t see a lot more of him through Black Library publications.

Other works from Fletcher outside of Age of Sigmar that you can check out include a myriad of short stories and novels of dark fantasy, noir SF, and one very different work about millennials.