GdM has appointed a new editor

With Mike standing down as editor after eight years of partnership, mateship, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, I have appointed a new editor for both Grimdark Magazine and The King Must Fall. It’s been a really tough couple of months trying to get the ship back on course with an ever-growing mountain of overdue jobs needing doing, but we’ve finally got there.

I’m really happy and proud to announce that Sarah Chorn will be the Grimdark Magazine’s quarterly issue editor for all fiction and our articles. She will also finish the work Mike started on our The King Must Fall kickstarter anthology. You may remember Sarah from way back when I did a shout out for some of the gold standard editors in the circles I run in, or you may know her from her review site Bookworm Blues or her excellent (and cool AF) dark / morbid history review website SarahDeepDives. If you’re a raving history fan like I am, you need to check out this website.

A little bit about Sarah, in her own words:

Sarah has been a compulsive reader her whole life. At a young age, she found her reading niche in the fantastic genre of Speculative Fiction. She blames her active imagination for the hobbies that threaten to consume her life. She is a published author and editor, a semi-pro nature photographer, world traveler, three-time cancer survivor, and mom to two kids. In her ideal world, she’d do nothing but drink lots of tea and read from a never-ending pile of books.

Sarah has been a respected book critic for over ten years (Bookworm Blues). This has served to give her an intimate knowledge of story, and has kept her thumb on the pulse of the genre. She has been a full-time developmental editor for four years, with numerous award-winning titles under her belt (SPFBO finalists). Sarah has put her love of words to good use and is the author of Seraphina’s Lament and Of Honey and Wildfires, and numerous forthcoming books.

We have plenty of projects running at the moment, and I am looking forward to showing you Sarah’s work in partnership with the wonderful authors we’re lucky enough to publish.

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins runs Grimdark Magazine and loves anything to do with telling darker stories. Doesn't matter the format, or when it was published or produced--just give him a grim story told in a dark world by a morally grey protagonist and this bloke's in his happy place. Add in a barrel aged stout to sip on after a cheeky body surf under the Australian sun, and that's his heaven.