Grimdark Magazine #15

Grimdark Magazine #15

Grimdark Magazine presents the darker, grittier side of fantasy and science fiction. Each quarterly issue features established and new authors to take you through their hard-bitten worlds alongside articles, reviews and interviews. Our stories are grim, our worlds are dark and our morally grey protagonists and anti-heroes light the way with bloody stories of war, betrayal and action.


  • Kings and Queens by Raluca Balasa
  • Climb by Mark Lawrence
  • Just a Little Murder by Anna Stephens


  • An Interview with Ed McDonald
  • Why do so Many Fantasy Worlds Look Like Medieval Europe? by Matthew Cropley
  • Review: Peril in the Old Country by Sam Hooker
  • An interview with Garth Nix
  • Writing Multiple Points of View by Peter Orullian
  • An Interview with R.J. Barker

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