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Last Updated on July 2, 2023

Some of my favorite books are terrifying. I started reading Stephen King at a way-too-early age, and it has indelibly affected how I like my stories: dark, gruesome, and grim. This month we set out to celebrate horror as a genre and feature stories that toe the line between grimdark and horror. These two genres often walk hand and hand, but instead of the good guys always winning, we have the stories of the morally gray. 

As a child, horror novels became worn-out objects from the hours sitting under the covers with a flashlight. I watched Carrie be doused in pig’s blood and lose her mind on her schoolmates, It instilled a fear of clowns, and Annie Wilkes taught me that sometimes horrors of the mind and the evil done by men are much scarier than a ghost or any vampire. Still, to this day, Annie Wilkes remains one of the most frightening characters I have ever read. There is something primal in fear, and reading it from the safe confines of a comfy chair while drinking tea allows us to stick our toes into the terrifying dark without being grabbed and hauled in. 

Caitlin Starling, Eric LaRocca, Aliette de Bodard, Josh Rountree, and Gemma Amor have written stories that push the boundaries of fear and the uncomfortable. But we made sure to have stories that will satiate the grisliest grimdark lover. Take a trip with us into the terrifying worlds created by these talented storytellers.

Enjoy, and remember this adage, “Holy men tell us life is a mystery. They embrace that concept happily. But some mysteries bite and bark and come to get you in the dark.” Cheers, and happy reading. 

GdM#35 cover

Carlos Diaz has brought Caver, Continue by Caitlin Starling to life with this quarter’s cover art. The horror and the claustrophobia really hits for me, here, and I hope it gets you in the right mood for Grimdark Magazine Issue #35!

This quarter’s line up

Grimdark Magazine presents the darker, grittier side of fantasy and science fiction. Each quarterly issue features established and new authors to take you through their hard-bitten worlds alongside articles, reviews and interviews. Our stories are grim, our worlds are dark and our morally grey protagonists and anti-heroes light the way with bloody stories of war, betrayal and action.


  • Caver, Continue by Caitlin Starling
  • We Have Always been This Way by Eric LaRocca
  • Lullaby for A Lost World by Aliette de Bodard
  • Last Pale Light in the West by Josh Rountree
  • No Secrets Here by Gemma Amor


  • An Interview with Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • Review: The Dead Take the A Train by Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadre
  • An Interview with Richard Kadrey
  • Review: The Militia House by John Milas
  • The Comfort in Horror by Aaron S. Jones
  • Review: The Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Cañas
  • An Interview with Carissa Orlando
  • Weird Horror by Deborah Wolf

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