Grimdark Magazine Issue #23 is out now!

Last Updated on July 1, 2020

This week, the last four months, and hell, this year has just been absolutely full on, across so many parts of the SFF community. So, I’ll be honest, it feels a bit odd to be shouting out that Grimdark Magazine Issue #23 has hit the stands. It’s ready for our Patreon subscribers to download and for the rest of our followers to grab from Amazon in ebook or from our webstore in PDF.

Issue #23 cover

Carlos Diaz has once again put out an excellent cover image based upon Ben Galley’s The Road to Hella and is a brilliant intro to what is a jam packed issue of grimdark fantasy.

Contributor lineup for Grimdark Magazine Issue #23

In this issue we have an awesome range of authors, interviewees, and article writers to immerse you in the grimdark genre and the publishing industry.

  • The Thrallcatcher’s Apprentice  by Deborah A. Wolf
  • The Pachinko Gambit by Chris Edwards
  • The Road to Hella by Ben Galley
  • The Indie Author’s Guide to Hiring a Cover Artist by Dean Samed
  • An interview with M.L Spencer
  • An interview with Rob J. Hayes
  • Review: The Seventh Perfection
  • Review: The Book of Dragons

Buy Grimdark Magazine Issue #23

Grab yourself a copy of this issue using the below links.

If this is the first time you’ve checked out GdM make sure you head on over to our catalogue, type in the name of your favourite author, and see what we have from them in our catalogue.

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